Prevention is better than cure: protecting your instrument against changes in temperature

Perry cello repair: repairing the cracks

Last week we posted a blog about the impact of changes in humidity and temperature on stringed instruments; with a focus on identifying and repair of the resulting damage. As it grows ever colder, here’s a look at prevention rather than cure and how to protect your instrument if a frost or drop in humidity is forecast.  Read more

Winter restorations – common impacts of temperature and humidity change

Henry Jay cello repair: old and new bridge

With the onset of this cold weather, it’s worth being prepared for the impact of changes in temperature and humidity on stringed instruments. Changes in temperature can cause a range of problems that without proper attention can get worse quickly. Being aware of changes in your instrument and bringing it to our highly dedicated and experienced team of professional luthiers if there is a problem will both ensure your instrument performs at its best and preserve it for many more years.  Read more