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Discover the worth of your musical instrument with the help of Bridgewood & Neitzert’s expertise. Our team of experts can provide you with free, confidential advice without any obligation. We offer a variety of valuation services, including verbal appraisals, full written valuations for a fixed fee, insurance, probate, CITES certificates, and expert advice on legal and insurance matters.

Our team provides accurate and updated opinions on most stringed instruments and bows, giving you practical advice on their value and potential for sale. We even offer a free valuation via email without any obligation. From photographs, we can determine whether you have a factory-made violin or a high-quality instrument.

We will advise you on whether your instrument is of interest or importance and determine if an examination is necessary to assess its condition and provenance before providing an assessment. Please note that there are fees for any formal opinion.


Trust Bridgewood & Neitzert for professional and reliable musical instrument valuation services.


Are you considering selling your violin, viola, cello, double bass, or bow? Bridgewood & Neitzert offers a free online valuation service for these instruments, as well as lutes and viola da gamba.

If you prefer to speak with us directly, we are always available via phone to schedule an appointment or answer any questions about our valuation services. You may reach us at 020 7279 9398 or email

To submit an online valuation, please provide a detailed description of your instrument, including its condition, label or brand, size, and any historical information such as old letters, previous valuations, certificates, and original purchase price. Additionally, please supply high-quality colour photographs of the front, back, scroll, and any other relevant details. For bows, we require pictures of the frog and its head.


Rest assured that our team of professionals will provide you with accurate and reliable valuations for your valuable musical instruments.


To accurately assess and determine the value of your violin, high-quality photographs are essential. If you're considering selling your instrument or bow, we're delighted to offer a complimentary valuation with no obligation. Please remember that the prices are provisional until our experts physically examine the item.

It's important to note that our evaluations are not suitable for insurance purposes. For insurance appraisals, kindly reach out to us at +44 (0)20 7249 9398 or


For those wondering how to photograph their instruments, we recommend using a plain, neutral background and ensuring the pictures are in clear focus. Our professional team is always here to assist you with any of your queries or concerns.