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Celebrated worldwide for quality repairs, a long and rich history

restoring some of the finest instruments and bows.

 Founded in 1982 we are widely recognized as one of the UK’s leading violin dealers, restorers, and makers.

Modern – Classical – Baroque our expertise and knowledge has helped numerous musicians to achieve the best possible sound.

Renowned expert repair and restoration carried out by talented craftsmen using time-honoured techniques.

36 years dedicated to the care and sale of instruments & bows of the violin family.

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He cannot wait in the morning to wake up so he can practice again!

Just wanted to say a big thank you for sorting out the cello for my student. He is so happy with the cello. He sent me a text message last week saying that he cannot wait in the morning to wake up so he can practice again! As you can imagine that is not something I often hear as a cello teacher…
We just had a lesson and the cello sounds great!
Katri Patel

I have always trusted their expertise and workmanship and haven’t been disappointed

Gary and his Team at Bridgewood and Neitzert have been looking after my basses for decades. Currently, he is sorting out my CITES issues for traveling with valuable instruments, including updating valuations. I have always trusted their expertise and workmanship and haven’t been disappointed. Gary gives me advice on my sometimes eccentric ideas on playability (my Italian 5 string bass), sound, and maintenance, with realistic estimates that won’t cut corners.

Work takes time, but it’s always worth the wait. Enno Senft

Enno Senft

I was worried my cello would never be the same again, I am so relieved that it now sounds and looks better than ever!

Ian Burdge cellist

I have been a customer of Bridgewood’s for over 20 years, they have always provided a first-class, prompt, and friendly service whenever I have needed purchases, service or repairs.

In the last year, they spent several months painstakingly putting back together my severely damaged 1790 John Betts cello. They liaised with my insurers and started work within days of the accident, I was amazed how quickly I was able to have it back in time for some film sessions where I really needed the familiarity of my own instrument.

I was worried that my cello would never be the same again, I am so relieved that it now sounds and looks better than ever, and Gary was particularly helpful in making some sound adjustments to complete the restoration.

Many thanks to Gary and all the staff at Bridgwood’s!

Ian Burdge
Freelance cellist

The repair you have done is amazing! Thank you so much

Bridgewood and Neitzert approved National Trust Restorers
Jennifer Bowen
Senior House Steward National Trust Snowshill Manor and Garden

My instrument is sounding amazing!

Very very happy with the work Gary has done on my 2012 Julien Bachellier cello. He carried out repairs on a crack around the soundpost area and then did some sound adjustment, including changing the bridge (from French to Belgian). All in all, my instrument is sounding amazing. Thanks Gary!

James Douglas
Freelance cellist

They can work miracles!

Over the past two decades, Bridgewood & Neitzert have repaired and re-baroqued a number of violins and violas for me, as well as making bespoke tailpieces and pegs. Their knowledge, fine craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none. Most recently I brought them a shattered hardwood tailpiece (original to an 1807 JG Hamm viola) that had pulled apart from the accumulated strain of two centuries of use.  I thought it probably beyond all hope. Remarkably, after delicate patchwork, it is now better than new and quite seamlessly repaired. They can work miracles!

Prof. Kevin MacDonald

They really are the true virtuosi!

Chi-chi Nwanoku Bridgewood and Neitzert London

Bridgewood and Neitzert have looked after my Nicola Amati double bass and my bows from way back in 1990.

The care and service are over and above anything I could hope for, and the personal dedication, commitment and friendship from Gary is something I treasure and am immensely grateful for.

It’s as though he is in my shoes whenever I have the slightest concern over my instrument.

They really are the true virtuosi!

Chi-chi Nwanoku OBE

Their work speaks for itself!


I have always totally trusted Gary and Tom’s expertise and workmanship. Their work speaks for itself!

Christopher Allan
cellist - the gogmagogs, Le Page Ensemble, Goldfrapp, Mumford and Son

a brilliant shop!

Philip Yeeles Baroque violin

Bridgewood and Neizert is a brilliant shop!   Gary converted my Grancino violin back to its original baroque condition and has since curated it with great care and expertise.  Meanwhile, on the shop floor the staff are knowledgeable and patient and stock every kind of string and accessory imaginable. With its calm and welcoming atmosphere, the shop is always a pleasure to visit.

Philip Yeeles
Violin, baroque violin, London Early Opera, Baroque Plus, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Hanover Band, Armonico Consort, Sweelinck Ensemble, The Orchestra of the Sixteen, Saraband, Fiori Musicali, Divino Sospiro, capella vitalis Berlin and Broschi Ensemble

Simply the go-to specialists

Peter McCarthy Violone player

Simply the go-to specialists for advice about stringing period instruments in gut – and buying them too; patient and experienced staff with a wealth of information at their command.  If Bridgewood and Neitzert don’t have the strings you need, they know where to get them!

Peter McCarthy

The shop is a precious gem

Dinah Beamish cellistfor sale at Bridgewood and Neitzert London

I have been a customer of Bridgewood and Neitzert stringed instrument shop for about twenty years.

Initially visiting them for bow rehairs, the rehairs were and are always of excellent quality, with an express service available too.

I have since had a 1780 Hill cello restored by Bridgewood and Neitzert, again to an excellent quality, at a very reasonable price.

In the past fortnight, I found a lovely cello by Paul Buciu at the shop, for a post grade eight student of mine which she has bought for her further studies.

The staff at Bridgewood and Neizert are always welcoming and helpful. They have an excellent team of skilled instrument makers, repairers, and bow rehairers. In addition to this, they stock a wide range of instrument accessories, from strings to rosin and cases.

I thoroughly recommend them to other musicians playing stringed instruments.

The shop is a precious gem, just outside the hurly-burly of central London, where there might be a tendency for overpricing.

Dinah Beamish

You really have great employees

Utku Bulkan testimonial

I have paid my second visit to the shop and I have even tried a couple of violas already. To be honest, it was one of the most interesting visits that I have ever had in my life to a music workshop. At the first glance, I can say that the range of your customers varies a lot, however, they are all being treated equally in terms of calmness and attitude. On a Saturday, I expect to peacefully try a couple of instruments or more, still, the customers didn’t stop coming in one after another. The couple just before me purchased two violins which cost a small fortune. After that, the next customer said that her “A” peg has stuck and the clerk just releases the peg, tuned her violin and send her without asking for a fee. Concurrent to these activities, I was introduced to a room where I can try the violas. You really have great employees, I really enjoyed the attitude. And frankly, the options for an insured trying period and buying the instruments with installments are exceptional. These are the things that you probably know, but still, I just wanted to write to present my enjoyment of the experience. I will surely come back to try more instruments and hopefully find the one that I would like to purchase.

Utku Bulkan
violin viola

work of the highest standard


Bridgewood and Neitzert have been looking after my instruments for over 30 years. They have consistently produced work of the highest standard. If I wanted a particular modification to an instrument they were always willing to work with me to get just what I wanted. They have been very patient with sometimes vague ideas I have had about the kind of sound or speed of response I want from an instrument. The front of house staff are knowledgeable,  helpful and friendly. Whether you own a Chinese factory instrument or an old Italian violin you are always treated with respect and consideration.

Monica Huggett

Great company, wonderful service, great choices

Sascha Bota viola

Great company, wonderful service, great choices. Five stars.

Sascha Bota

I trust them implicitly and am very grateful Bridgewood and Neitzert exists!


I have been a customer of the shop since arriving in the UK in 1995. Over the years they have looked after my instruments magnificently, from supplying an unending stream of gut strings to minor and major repairs. When I had an accident and the table on my 18c violin cracked, Gary repaired it beautifully and quickly and was reassuring and kind in a situation which is every string player’s worst nightmare. Tom is a fount of all knowledge when it comes to buying, selling or appraising bows. The shops’ collective expertise stretches far and wide, and they deal with every customer equally courteously, whether you own a high-end Italian instrument or are coming in to fix your children’s quarter-size Chinese violin. I trust them implicitly and am very grateful Bridgewood and Neitzert exists!

Kati Debretzeni

Enormously grateful!


I had a number of issues with my cello fingerboard, tailpiece, and bridge which needed urgent attention. Having entrusted a previous instrument to B&N with excellent results I had no hesitation in going back to have these problems resolved. Gary’s amazing new veneered fingerboard and Joe’s new bridge have vastly improved the sound, feel and look of my piccolo cello. Enormously grateful!

Michael Mullen

Wouldn’t go anywhere else!


Gary and the excellent team at Bridgewood and Neitzert have saved my bacon on countless occasions. They have done emergency repairs to enable recordings and shows to go on, given advice on strings and pickups, lent me instruments and helped me improve the sound and feel of my basses. As well as repairs and maintenance, I have bought and sold basses with them, always with excellent customer service, for 20 years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Adrian Stout

Great advice, fantastic service, I recommend them!


“Bridgewood & Neitzert have been an integral part of my career for the last 15 years – from helping me find my instruments, to bow rehairs, buying last minute accessories like rosin and strings, fitting pickups on my electric instruments.  They offer great advice, fantastic service and I would recommend them to anyone from beginner to professional.”

Anna Phoebe

Great service from friendly and knowledgeable staff

Alice Poppleton violinist

Every time I shop here, I receive great service from friendly and knowledgeable staff.  I have come to the shop with specific queries about instruments and for valuations. They have been extremely helpful as well as quick and efficient. I highly recommend their services.

Alice Poppleton

Thoroughly recommended!

Mayda Narvey cellist

Bridgewood and Neitzert give attentive and thoughtful service to a wide range of clients of all levels and needs. Thoroughly recommended!

Mayda Narvey

I couldn’t ask for a better violin shop

Chris Haigh fiddle

“I always use Bridgewood and Neitzert for bow rehairs, repairs, the fitting of pickups and so on. The service is first rate, and the staff are always friendly and knowledgeable. I couldn’t ask for a better violin shop.”

all the best


Chris Haigh

I am so pleased!

Amy Langley cellist

Hi Gary,

It’s Amy here. (you fitted the Wilson pick-up to my bridge last month)

I just wanted to let you know that I have been on tour since then and got the below feedback about the cello sound from our front-of-house sound man.

“Amy ,

Great gig last night, always good to finish on a high.

There was a chap from one of the trade publications there yesterday, I think it was Pro Sound News,  doing an article on ELO, asking about speakers, mixing desks and mics etc.

I was telling how much we all like your new system on your cello, but I couldn’t remember the name of the unit you have installed. Do you have a name of a number of the pickup? And is it OK to put that info in this chaps article?

It really is by far the best system I have come across, there is very little background noise i.e Don’s drums, and the sound of the instrument is amazing.

I have let them know what pick-up it is.

I am so pleased that it has got the thumbs up!  I thought you might like to know so you can recommend it to others.”



Amy Langley

Trustworthy and efficient

Julia Doyle Double bass

Trustworthy and efficient, I have used this shop for decades. At first for musical accessories and bow re-hairing, then for a major repair on my old bass. They were fantastic! Dealt with the insurance, did the repair to a high standard, and lent me a bass to use while mine was out of action. Always recommend them. Oh, and they gave me an old bow and fixed up our busted (special) school violin for free, so generous too.

Julia Doyle
double bass, Los Mareados, Klezmer Klub, Beskydy

Highly recommended

Benet McLean

Bridgewood & Neitzert is my favourite violin dealer/maintenance shop in London. I’ve always found the staff to be friendly and helpful, as well as the owners, who are usually also somewhere close at hand to help.
The only down side of visiting the shop is being surrounded by so many tantalizingly amazing looking instruments. I bought my present instrument there in 2015 and it’s been an absolute pleasure to play. Looking forward to visiting again soon. Highly recommended.
Benet McLean

Benet McLean

Very easy to order the electric Violin I wanted

Very easy to order the electric Violin I wanted. Once the financing was approved (that part wasn’t as straightforward, but that’s not their fault) the order went through smoothly… and shipped very quickly.
We got it within 3 business days of order (shipped via UPS).
The nice touch? We got a phone call from them the day the violin was ordered to see if everything was ok, and if we needed help.

That’s definitely worth the 5 stars.


excellent customer service and advice

I have always had excellent customer service and advice from all the staff at Bridgewood & Neitzert from whom I regularly buy violin strings and from whom I bought a beautiful violin case a few years ago.

professional violinist

We are regular customers

We are regular customers and also bought a violin 2 years back. The service we always get is superb. Attention to detail, very good value for money, and a very helpful team!


they did an excellent job on my Double Bass!

Juampi Mauro

I recommend Bridgewood & Neitzert Ltd in Stoke Newington, they did an excellent job on my Double Bass!

Juampi Mauro
double bass, La Terratango

They really understand good basses….

Just the most wonderful place. I bought my double bass there and get all my bows re-haired. They really understand good basses….

Clarissa Dann
double bass

Great shop and great people!!

Karen Grymm Regester

Went in today with a damaged bridge and end pin on my silent bass, left 20 mins later very happy with it all fixed!! Great shop and great people!!

Karen Grymm Regester
double bass

I’m converted. My cello has never sounded so rich and resonant and it projects fantastically

Terrific service and expertise, I felt so confident in leaving my cello for a service, this was the first time I have been and I’m converted. My cello has never sounded so rich and resonant and it projects fantastically. The repair to some cracks on the front is virtually invisible! Thank you B& N


Always very helpful

Rachel Pantin violin

Always very helpful, and able to work with the wide range of violins that I use and work with.

Rachel Pantin

A truly brilliant shop

Sim Jones violinist

A truly brilliant shop which I’ve used now for several decades! I’ve had bridges cut, fingerboards shot, and bows re-haired – all of which have been expertly executed by the talented staff. Always a warm welcome and full of clear advice – Gary (Bridgewood) helped me buy my first Electric violin! I play violin professionally and would definitely recommend them for all string instrument work – so refreshing to find a music shop where the staff aren’t just about commission, they have time for you.

Sim Jones

I trust him completely because of his expert workmanship and patience when dealing with any problem

Dave Green Double bassfor sale at Bridgewood and Neitzert London

Gary Bridgewood has been my saviour for more times than I care to mention over the 30 years or so that I’ve known him. When it comes to the bass he’s my other half. He has a feel and instinct for the bass that only comes with many years experience. I trust him completely because of his expert workmanship and patience when dealing with any problem. Don’t go away Gary I’m counting on you to be around for the next 30 years. Dave Green

Dave Green

Valuations and Appraisals

Find out the value of your musical instrument

If you are no longer using your instrument or bow why not benefit from Bridgewood & Neitzert's expertise, contact one of our experts, who will be delighted to offer free confidential advice without obligation.

We offer a range of valuation services; These include free verbal valuation, full written valuations for a fixed fee, insurance, probate, CITES, expert advice to legal and insurance advice.

Violin shops near me

violin by Thomas Earle Hesketh Manchester 1938 for sale at Bridgewood and Neitzert London

Buying and Selling

We offer a wide selection of violins, violas, cellos, double basses, baroque and classical period violins and celli, bows, cases, and strings,  maintaining stringent standards for our stock, these are centered on; condition, provenance, sound quality, playability and value for money.

All instruments are carefully set up to exacting standards in our workshops; our range suits amateurs, students, professionals, and soloists. A good selection of English, French, German and Italian violins, it includes some of the best contemporary makers and workshop instruments for upcoming students.

We are always available to discuss your requirements and once we understand your ambitions will use our experience and expertise to tailor a selection of instruments to your specific needs.

If you have an instrument or bow that you would like to sell please get in touch. If your instrument is not suitable for our stock we can provide practical advice on how you can sell it. We are always searching for instruments and bows to sell that are suitable for professional and amateur musicians, and consider buying instruments requiring restoration.

We also offer sale on commission, if your instrument or bow meets our standards, we can sell it on your behalf.

Quality cello, cello case, and fiddle for sale

Violin shop London

Expert Restoration

Renowned expert repair and restoration carried out by gifted craftsmen using time-honoured techniques, innovative and technically advanced methods at the forefront of current knowledge

We have outstanding workshop facilities set over two floors with a separate machine room, photo studio and research library.  We are well equipped with the tools necessary and expertise to make and carry out all repairs and restorations both minor and extensive.   Our staff are highly experienced, dedicated professionals who carry out restorations on all violin family instruments both modern and baroque.  We also repair double basses, lutes and viola da gambas.

Sound adjustments and consultation, why not book an appointment

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