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Welcome to our website, Bridgewood & Neitzert internationally respected violin dealers and restorers with over 37 years serving teachers, orchestras, soloists, amateur and professional musicians. We take pride in understanding musicians needs, offering a wide range of instruments and bows for sale, modern, classical or baroque and our expertise and knowledge has served many musicians in finding suitable instruments, in our workshops we have helped many musicians to achieve optimal sound and satisfaction that their instruments are cared for by gifted craftsmen.


Valuations and appraisals

Find out the value of your musical instrument

If you are no longer using your instrument or bow why not benefit from Bridgewood & Neitzert’s expertise, contact one of our experts, who will be delighted to offer free confidential advice without obligation.

We offer a range of valuation services; These include free verbal valuation, full written valuations for a fixed fee, insurance, probate, CITES, expert advice to legal and insurance advice.

We provide accurate, up to date opinions for most stringed instruments and bows, offering you practical advice about value and prospects for sale. We can offer a free valuation by email without obligation,and can usually determine from your photographs if you have a factory-made violin, or a fine instrument. We will advise if an instrument is of interest or importance and if we will need to examine it in order to assess its condition and provenance before giving an assessment. Fees apply for any formal opinion.

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Expert restoration

Renowned expert repair and restoration carried out by gifted craftsmen using time honoured techniques, innovative and technically advanced methods at the forefront of current knowledge

We have outstanding workshop facilities set over two floors with a separate machine room, photo studio and research library.  We are well equipped with the tools necessary and expertise to make and carry out all repairs and restorations both minor and extensive.   Our staff are highly experienced, dedicated professionals who carry out restorations on all violin family instruments both modern and baroque.  We also repair double basses, lutes and viola da gambas.

Sound adjustments and consultation, why not book an appointment

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Buying and selling

We offer a wide selection of violins, violas, cellos, double basses, baroque and classical period violins and celli, bows, cases and strings.

We maintain stringent standards for our stock, these are centred on; condition, provenance, sound quality, play-ability and value for money.

All instruments are carefully set up to exacting standards in our workshops; our range suits amateurs, students, professionals and soloists. A good selection of English, French,German and Italian violins, it includes some of the best contemporary makers and workshop instruments for upcoming students.

We are always available to discuss your requirements and once we understand your ambitions will use our experience and expertise to tailor a selection of instruments to your specific needs.

If you have an instrument or bow that you would like to sell please get in touch. If your instrument is not suitable for our stock we can provide practical advice on how you can sell it. We are always searching for instruments and bows to sell that are suitable for professional and amateur musicians, and consider buying instruments requiring restoration.

We also offer sale on commission, if your instrument or bow meets our standards, we can sell it on your behalf.

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