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Repairing major damage: it can be done!

Occasionally a customer comes to us with a well-loved instrument that has suffered terrible damage in an accident. It’s always devastating for any musician wondering if a repair is possible and satisfying for us if we are able to restore the instrument back to full health. In this case a customer came to us with a cello that had suffered extensive damage after an accident. The accident had caused a massive and complete break on the rib, front and back of the top right quarter of the cello and cracks... Read More

Musical matchmaking: Cellist Richard Tunnicliffe talks to us about his new Yann Besson cello

At Bridgewood and Neitzert we are big supporters of modern makers. Founders and owners Gary Bridgewood and Tom Neitzert have a long history of making and we understand the depth of training and commitment that goes into the process of making a wonderful instrument from scratch. Great players often come to us seeking an outstanding instrument on which to perform and depending on their requirements we will often ‘match-make’ with a modern maker.

Focus on the Wilson Pickup System

Over the past few months we’ve focused our blogs on repairs of instruments of particular note. This month, we thought we’d focus in on an in depth look at one of the most advanced pick-up systems on the market for stringed instruments: the Wilson Pickup System.

Winter restorations – common impacts of temperature and humidity change

With the onset of this cold weather, it’s worth being prepared for the impact of changes in temperature and humidity on stringed instruments. Changes in temperature can cause a range of problems that without proper attention can get worse quickly. Being aware of changes in your instrument and bringing it to our highly dedicated and experienced team of professional luthiers if there is a problem will both ensure your instrument performs at its best and preserve it for many more years.