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Whilst many musicians own and love their favorite instrument(s), there are times when it might make sense to hire an instrument. At Bridgewood and Neitzert we run a number of hire schemes to support students right at the start of their musical journeys through to professional players needing a high-end instrument for a tour or emergency.

Steve setting up a student instrument

For students who are just at the start of their journeys into music, it often makes sense to hire an instrument. Firstly, there is always the potential that a child might decide that learning an instrument just isn’t for them and hiring takes the risk out of buying an instrument that is then discarded. More positively, if a young learner gets the bug and wants to carry on playing, they will probably get through a fair few sizes of instruments before they stop growing. Our hire scheme for student instruments enables the student to move up to the next sized instrument at no extra cost as they grow. Most importantly, all of our student instruments are set up in the workshop to make the instrument easy and fun to play and our staff are always on hand to help out with changing strings or any other advice needed during the hire term. They are provided with a good student bow and a lightweight case with rucksack straps.

For professional musicians we have a range of very high-end instruments that can be hired if you are travelling to London on tour from overseas and don’t want to risk bringing your own instrument on the plane. Also, if your instrument is in for major restoration and repair we can support with a specialist instrument that enables you to continue your professional work while the repairs are being done.

Re-fretting a Viol in the workshop

We also run two very specialist schemes. We support the Viola de Gamba society, which does fantastic work to support the community of Viol players and enthusiasts and encourage people to play this rare instrument. We run their Viola de Gamba hire scheme that enables members to hire instruments. This can range from beginner instruments right through to full time Viol students who want to hire a professional instrument to support their development. Again, the instruments are hired for a minimum of 3 months and it helps people new to the instrument to get a feel for the instrument before taking the plunge of purchasing their own. For professional players, we can loan a high -end instrument for specialist performances or to support your musical development.

Setting up a Lute in the workshop

As well as supporting the Viola da Gamba Society with their hire scheme, we are also proud to support The Lute Society, a fantastic organisation that promotes the Lute and its music. We have a fleet of Lutes that can be hired by prospective players wanting to try out the instrument, by players who’d like to try one of the rarer kinds of Lute or by players attending the Lute Society’s playing days.

And finally, occasionally we are approached for instrument hire for a more unusual purpose, like for example, prop hire for a theatre or film production. One of our cellos was recently used by Turf Project’s exhibition by Henrique Paris: ‘Home is where the body isn’t’.

For full information about our student hire scheme visit:

For full information about the Viola da Gamba Society hire scheme visit:

For full information about the Lute society hire scheme visit:

To speak with one of our specialist staff about hiring a high end professional instrument please contact 0207 249 9398

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