Violin Repair

Violin Repair

The violin has been around for over 450 years and many fine examples from the past 350 years are still being played and are much sought after, you and our violin restorers / repairers are custodians of our musical heritage.

If you’ve ever stopped to think about how these comparatively small wooden instruments manage to not only survive the stresses and strains of daily use, the wear and tear of centuries, but are still great sounding, and increasing investments spare a thought for skilled violin repairers and restorers.

We have outstanding workshop facilities with fabulous light set over two floors with a separate machine room, photo studio and research library.  We are well equipped with the tools necessary and expertise to make and carry out all repairs and restorations both minor and extensive.   Our luthiers are highly experienced, dedicated professionals, recruited from the top violin-making schools around the world; our knowledge is acquired from years of experience and is transferred from generation from age to age in an ethos of sharing and apprenticeship.

With the violin containing over 70 different pieces of wood incorporating animal hide glue joints and with a likelihood of having many different owners over time it’s easy to see why a ‘pit stop’ or a more significant stay at the repairers is a necessity every now and then.

Violins require regular care and maintenance, having a check-up by our luthiers will guarantee that both your violin and you as player reach and maintain your musical potential

Our repairers are trusted with some of the world’s most precious instruments, however no matter what the value or quality of your violin you can be sure that each and every one receives our full attention – no job is too small.

In order to maintain an violin’s value, distinctive voice, condition and longevity it takes experience, knowledge and skill.Violin-retouching

Many of the instruments we work on are very old and valuable and all workmanship is guaranteed. We often carry out emergency work. Minor repairs tend to take about a week whereas larger repairs are generally arranged to suit the musician’s schedule.

We also repair and restore violas, cellos, double basses and bows, and we undertake work on early and period instruments including lutes, viols and viola d’amores and of course we are well known experts for baroque violins.

Renowned expert repair and restoration carried out by gifted craftsmen using time honoured techniques as well as innovative and technically advanced methods which are at the forefront of current knowledge, all repairs and restorations carried out to the highest standards for instruments and bows of all levels. Benefit from the abundant knowledge and restoration expertise of its managing directors Tom Neitzert and Gary Bridgewood and their restorers. Our focus is on minimal intervention and maintenance of original material wherever possible thereby preserving the integrity and value of your precious instrument using discreet, conservative and refined repair methods.

For sound adjustments our commitment is to explore all available options with due consideration for the characteristics of each instrument as well as the exact demands of the player. All our work is conducted in a measured and attentive manner to achieve the optimum sound for each instrument.

Day to day minor repairs and set-ups e.g. shooting fingerboards, new bridge, gluing etc. are usually completed within a week, URGENT procedures are carried out same day.

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