Senza Tailpiece System for Violin and Viola

Senza Tailpiece System for Violin and Viola

We are pleased to have been appointed sole UK distributor for the incredible Senza Tailpiece system for Violin and Viola.

A Discovery

Rich sound of overtones in bowed stringed instruments.Senza Tailpiece System for Violin and Viola

“Senza” (meaning ‘without’) relates to the section of string between the bridge and the saddle of the tailpiece. As with the pure gut strings in days gone by, the modern wound Senza string, with synthetic or metal core, runs from the nut of the fingerboard over the bridge, down to the saddle of the tailpiece without textile or synthetic windings. This has the immediate effect of creating pure fifths behind the bridge, which in turn produce additional harmonics.

The method of fastening also follows the model of the gut string, with a knot securing it inside the slot of the tailpiece. All other means of securing the string, such as a ball or loop end, incurred an unwanted extra winding. Hence the knot being the only solution for avoiding this.

In Detail

Setting the distance between the bridge and the tailpiece-saddle is vital. After many experiments, I found that the ideal result is not achieved by a repeating of the tuning of the strings themselves. G – D – A – E (for violins) should sound B – F # – C # – G #. Depending on the individual instrument, similar results may also be achieved through a tuning of C # – G # – D # – A #. This results in 8 of the 12 tones of the diatonic scale being present when an open string is played.Senza Tailpiece System for Violin and Viola

To successfully create these harmonics, the distance from the bridge to the tailpiece-saddle must be set precisely. The company Ergo Vio has developed its high quality tailpiece to complement the specifications of the Senza system.

The professional fitting of a Senza tailpiece can be undertaken here in our workshops, please call 020 7249 9398 to make an appointment.

One or more of our featherlight (circa 10g) titanium fine tuners will refine the Ergo Vio Senza tailpiece and transform it into a special fitting for your precious instrument.

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