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Christopher Allan , 17:35, 27th June 2023

Their work speaks for itself!

I have always totally trusted Gary and Tom's expertise and workmanship. Their work speaks for itself! cellist - the gogmagogs, Le Page Ensemble, Goldfrapp, Mumford and Son
Juampi Mauro , 17:34, 27th June 2023

they did an excellent job on my Double Bass!

I recommend Bridgewood & Neitzert Ltd in Stoke Newington, they did an excellent job on my Double Bass! double bass, La Terratango
Chi-chi Nwanoku OBE , 17:30, 27th June 2023

They really are the true virtuosi!

Bridgewood and Neitzert have looked after my Nicola Amati double bass and my bows from way back in 1990. The care and service are over and above anything I could hope for, and the personal dedication, commitment, and friendship from Gary is something I treasure and am immensely grateful for. It’s as though he is in my shoes whenever I have the slightest concern over my instrument. They really are the true virtuosi! Double Bass - Founder, Artistic & Executive Director Chineke!  Founder member and ex-principal double bass for the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
Prof. Kevin MacDonald , 17:29, 27th June 2023

They can work miracles!

Over the past two decades, Bridgewood & Neitzert have repaired and re-baroqued a number of violins and violas for me, as well as making bespoke tailpieces and pegs. Their knowledge, fine craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none. Most recently I brought them a shattered hardwood tailpiece (original to an 1807 JG Hamm viola) that had pulled apart from the accumulated strain of two centuries of use.  I thought it probably beyond all hope. Remarkably, after delicate patchwork, it is now better than new and quite seamlessly repaired. They can work miracles!  
James Douglas , 17:26, 27th June 2023

My instrument is sounding amazing!

Very very happy with the work Gary has done on my 2012 Julien Bachellier cello. He carried out repairs on a crack around the soundpost area and then did some sound adjustment, including changing the bridge (from French to Belgian). All in all, my instrument is sounding amazing. Thanks Gary! Freelance cellist 
Jennifer Bowen , 17:24, 27th June 2023

The repair you have done is amazing! Thank you so much

Senior House Steward     National Trust  Snowshill Manor and Garden Jennifer Bowen
Ian Burdge , 17:23, 27th June 2023

I was worried my cello would never be the same again, I am so relieved that it now sounds and looks better than ever!

I have been a customer of Bridgewood's for over 20 years, they have always provided a first-class, prompt, and friendly service whenever I have needed purchases, service or repairs. In the last year, they spent several months painstakingly putting back together my severely damaged 1790 John Betts cello. They liaised with my insurers and started work within days of the accident, I was amazed how quickly I was able to have it back in time for some film sessions where I really needed the familiarity of my own instrument. I was worried that my cello would never be the same again, I am so relieved that it now sounds and looks better than ever, and Gary was particularly helpful in making some sound adjustments to complete the restoration. Many thanks to Gary and all the staff at Bridgwood's! Freelance cellist
Enno Senft , 17:13, 27th June 2023

I have always trusted their expertise and workmanship and haven’t been disappointed

Gary and his Team at Bridgewood and Neitzert have been looking after my basses for decades. Currently, he is sorting out my CITES issues for traveling with valuable instruments, including updating valuations. I have always trusted their expertise and workmanship and haven’t been disappointed. Gary gives me advice on my sometimes eccentric ideas on playability (my Italian 5 string bass), sound, and maintenance, with realistic estimates that won’t cut corners. Work takes time, but it’s always worth the wait. Enno Senft Principal double-bass of both the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, of which he is a founder member, and the London Sinfonietta.
Katri Patel , 17:10, 27th June 2023

He cannot wait in the morning to wake up so he can practice again!

Just wanted to say a big thank you for sorting out the cello for my student. He is so happy with the cello. He sent me a text message last week saying that he cannot wait in the morning to wake up so…Cello Teacher
Audrey Riley , 16:59, 27th June 2023

Expert, reliable, and personal

Expert, reliable, and personal. More of a conversation, an ongoing relationship than a shopping experience. For a professional musician, to know that wherever you are in the world Bridgewood & Neitzert know exactly your preference for strings when you last had your bow repaired, and so on, and can send what you need is gold dust as support.   Cellist