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Sim Jones , 17:50, 27th June 2023

A truly brilliant shop

A truly brilliant shop which I've used now for several decades! I've had bridges cut, fingerboards shot, and bows re-haired - all of which have been expertly executed by the talented staff. Always a warm welcome and full of clear advice - Gary (Bridgewood) helped me buy my first Electric violin! I play violin professionally and would definitely recommend them for all string instrument work - so refreshing to find a music shop where the staff aren't just about commission, they have time for you.
Sascha Bota , 17:49, 27th June 2023

Great company, wonderful service, great choices

Great company, wonderful service, great choices. Five stars.
Rachel Pantin , 17:47, 27th June 2023

Always very helpful

Always very helpful, and able to work with the wide range of violins that I use and work with. violinist
Monica Huggett , 17:47, 27th June 2023

work of the highest standard

Bridgewood and Neitzert have been looking after my instruments for over 30 years. They have consistently produced work of the highest standard. If I wanted a particular modification to an instrument they were always willing to work with me to get just what I wanted. They have been very patient with sometimes vague ideas I have had about the kind of sound or speed of response I want from an instrument. The front of house staff are knowledgeable,  helpful and friendly. Whether you own a Chinese factory instrument or an old Italian violin you are always treated with respect and consideration. baroque violin, Academy of Ancient Music, The English Concert, Orchestra of the age of enlightenment
Utku Bulkan , 17:43, 27th June 2023

You really have great employees

I have paid my second visit to the shop and I have even tried a couple of violas already. To be honest, it was one of the most interesting visits that I have ever had in my life to a music workshop. At first glance, I can say that the range of your customers varies a lot, however, they are all being treated equally in terms of calmness and attitude. On a Saturday, I expect to peacefully try a couple of instruments or more, but still, the customers didn't stop coming in one after another. The couple just before me purchased two violins which cost a small fortune. After that, the next customer said that her "A" peg has stuck and the clerk just releases the peg, tuned her violin, and send her without asking for a fee. Concurrent with these activities, I was introduced to a room where I can try the violas. You really have great employees, I really enjoyed the attitude. And frankly, the options for an insured trying period and buying the instruments with installments are exceptional. These are the things that you probably know, but still, I just wanted to write to present my enjoyment of the experience. I will surely come back to try more instruments and hopefully find the one that I would like to purchase.
Dinah Beamish , 17:42, 27th June 2023

The shop is a precious gem

I have been a customer of Bridgewood and Neitzert stringed instrument shop for about twenty years. Initially visiting them for bow rehairs, the rehairs were and are always of excellent quality, with an express service available too. I have since had a 1780 Hill cello restored by Bridgewood and Neitzert, again to an excellent quality, at a very reasonable price. In the past fortnight, I found a lovely cello by Paul Buciu at the shop, for a post grade eight student of mine which she has bought for her further studies. The staff at Bridgewood and Neizert are always welcoming and helpful. They have an excellent team of skilled instrument makers, repairers, and bow rehairers. In addition to this, they stock a wide range of instrument accessories, from strings to rosin and cases. I thoroughly recommend them to other musicians playing stringed instruments. The shop is a precious gem, just outside the hurly-burly of central London, where there might be a tendency for overpricing. cellist
Karen Grymm Regester , 17:41, 27th June 2023

Great shop and great people!!

Went in today with a damaged bridge and end pin on my silent bass, left 20 mins later very happy with it all fixed!! Great shop and great people!!
Peter McCarthy , 17:40, 27th June 2023

Simply the go-to specialists

Simply the go-to specialists for advice about stringing period instruments in gut - and buying them too; patient and experienced staff with a wealth of information at their command.  If Bridgewood and Neitzert don't have the strings you need, they know where to get them! Violone, double bass - London Viols, St James' Baroque, Gli Amici della Rana
Clarissa Dann , 17:39, 27th June 2023

They really understand good basses....

Just the most wonderful place. I bought my double bass there and get all my bows re-haired. They really understand good basses....
Philip Yeeles , 17:36, 27th June 2023

a brilliant shop!

Bridgewood and Neizert is a brilliant shop!   Gary converted my Grancino violin back to its original baroque condition and has since curated it with great care and expertise.  Meanwhile, on the shop floor the staff are knowledgeable and patient and stock every kind of string and accessory imaginable. With its calm and welcoming atmosphere, the shop is always a pleasure to visit. Violin, baroque violin, London Early Opera, Baroque Plus, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Hanover Band, Armonico Consort, Sweelinck Ensemble, The Orchestra of the Sixteen, Saraband, Fiori Musicali, Divino Sospiro, capella vitalis Berlin and Broschi Ensemble