Violin, Viola, Cello and Double bass Rental in London

Musical Instrument rental Scheme

Cost of Hire including VAT and Insurance
Initial 3 months hire  Monthly
Violin all sizes £40.00 £13.33
Viola all sizes £49.00 £16.33
Cello all sizes £76.00 £25.33
Double bass all sizes £120.00 £40.00

We are proud to rent fine instruments, set up by our luthiers to professional standards.

Our student instruments are high-quality and fun to play, making for productive practice and creative inspiration.

Our Hire Scheme provides you with the opportunity to hire instruments on a monthly basis, ideal for parents of growing children, students, and adult learners

All our hire instruments are in very good condition and have been set up to a high standard in our workshops. Supplied with a good student bow and a lightweight case with rucksack straps.

The important point to emphasize is that we set-up & maintain all of the instruments in our workshops to our very high standards of workmanship.

It is very important for any child or adult students to have a violin, viola, cello or bass that actually works when played and is encouraging to play on.

If you decide to purchase an instrument, the initial 3-month hire charge will be deducted from the cost of a new instrument. Hire instruments may be returned and exchanged for a larger size at any point during the term of hire, at no additional cost, providing that the instrument has not been damaged in any way

Our staff are always on hand to help with any difficulties encountered during the period of hire e.g. changing strings or easing pegs

Payment is by direct debit

All hire instruments are insured

  • Low rates & no deposit
  • Only 3 Months minimum rental
  • Change to the next size at no extra cost
  • Rent before you buy
  • 3 months rental refunded if you buy any instrument
  • Bow, case & rosin included
  • Set up and ready to play

To rent an instrument we require only the first three months rental, your bank details for a monthly direct debit (UK bank account) and one form of ID (e.g utility bill).

Short Term Hire

We have a range of string instruments available for hire.

Please call 020 7249 9398 for booking.