Violin repair near me in London

Expert restoration led by a passion and dedication to sound.

Founded 1982 we are widely recognized as one of the UK’s leading violin dealers, restorers, and makers offering a complete service to all string players from student to professional, running a large-scale repair and restoration workshop operating to the most exacting and precise standards.  Whether modern, classical or baroque our expertise and knowledge has served many musicians in achieving optimal sound and satisfaction that their instruments are cared for by gifted craftsmen/musicians.

London luthiers and dealers in fine instruments with a desire to provide the best possible service to all string musicians whether soloists, collectors, professionals, students or enthusiastic amateurs with an enviable reputation and over 35 years dedicated to the care and sale of instruments & bows of the violin family.

Renowned expert repair and restoration carried out by gifted craftsmen using time honoured techniques as well as innovative and technically advanced methods which are at the forefront of current knowledge, all repairs and restorations carried out to the highest standards for instruments and bows of all levels.   Benefit from the abundant knowledge and restoration expertise of its managing directors Tom Neitzert and Gary Bridgewood and their restorers.   Bridgewood & Neitzert – celebrated worldwide for quality repairs, a long and rich history restoring some of the very finest instruments and bows.