Utku Bulkan testimonial

I have paid my second visit to the shop and I have even tried a couple of violas already. To be honest, it was one of the most interesting visits that I have ever had in my life to a music workshop. At the first glance, I can say that the range of your customers varies a lot, however, they are all being treated equally in terms of calmness and attitude. On a Saturday, I expect to peacefully try a couple of instruments or more, still, the customers didn’t stop coming in one after another. The couple just before me purchased two violins which cost a small fortune. After that, the next customer said that her “A” peg has stuck and the clerk just releases the peg, tuned her violin and send her without asking for a fee. Concurrent to these activities, I was introduced to a room where I can try the violas. You really have great employees, I really enjoyed the attitude. And frankly, the options for an insured trying period and buying the instruments with installments are exceptional. These are the things that you probably know, but still, I just wanted to write to present my enjoyment of the experience. I will surely come back to try more instruments and hopefully find the one that I would like to purchase.

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