Dinah Beamish cellistfor sale at Bridgewood and Neitzert London

I have been a customer of Bridgewood and Neitzert stringed instrument shop for about twenty years.

Initially visiting them for bow rehairs, the rehairs were and are always of excellent quality, with an express service available too.

I have since had a 1780 Hill cello restored by Bridgewood and Neitzert, again to an excellent quality, at a very reasonable price.

In the past fortnight, I found a lovely cello by Paul Buciu at the shop, for a post grade eight student of mine which she has bought for her further studies.

The staff at Bridgewood and Neizert are always welcoming and helpful. They have an excellent team of skilled instrument makers, repairers, and bow rehairers. In addition to this, they stock a wide range of instrument accessories, from strings to rosin and cases.

I thoroughly recommend them to other musicians playing stringed instruments.

The shop is a precious gem, just outside the hurly-burly of central London, where there might be a tendency for overpricing.

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