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Violin by Thomas Urquhart c.1680


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Violin by Thomas Urquhart c.1680 John Dilworth certificate of authenticity

Thomas Urquhart born circa. 1629, died c.1698 in London UK.

Thomas Urquhart is an important early British maker, very little is known about his origins though he was probably Scottish in Inverness. Published sources say that he worked on London Bridge although it is more likely that he lived outside London and brought his instruments into the city for sale in various shops. Several music shops were located on London Bridge in this period, including that of John and Elizabeth Miller who may have acted as agents for Urquhart.

The two piece back of maple of medium curl running horizontally across the back. The ribs, peg box and scroll of similar curl. The two piece front of spruce of medium grain. The varnish of a dark amber-brown colour on a yellow ground. Unlabelled. LOB 358 WUB 166 WMB 116 WLB 205

Copy of John Dilworth’s certificate of authenticity;
Certificate of Authenticity
The violin shown in the photographs attached overleaf is in my opinion the work of Thomas Urquhart, made in London c.1680. It is fully characteristic of his workmanship, although the soundholes have been somewhat altered, and the scroll is a later replacement.
The back is made from two matched pieces of quarter-sawn maple showing a fine, regular horizontal flame, the ribs of similar wood.
The front is of two matched pieces of pine with straight narrow grain.
The varnish is very fine and typical, of a deep golden orange colour, although that f the front has been extensively retouched.

Principal dimensions:

  • Length of back 358 mm
  • Width of upper bouts 166mm
  • Width of middle bouts 116mm
  • Width of lower bouts 205mm

Additional information

Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 83.5 x 31 x 19 cm


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