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J Thibouville-Lamy violin c.1947 Louis Fricot


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J Thibouville-Lamy violin c.1947 Louis Fricot

The two piece back of maple of medium curl descending across the back from the centre joint.  The ribs, pegbox and scroll of similar curl.  The front in two pieces of spruce of medium-fine grain.  The varnish of a warm orange-brown colour on a yellow ground.

  • Length of back 358mm
  • Width upper bout 166mm
  • Width middle bout 112mm
  • Width lower bout 207mm


Louis FRICOT Luthier

Poussay Vosges

No.173     L.Fricot 1947

The origin of violin making within Thibouville-Lamy  can be dated of 1834, when Charles Buthod, one of the J.B. Vuillaume’s collaborators, came back to Mirecourt to open a violin workshop.  Charles Buthod established a significant workshop whose the production was sold in France and abroad.

In 1848 he associated with Charles -Claude Husson, under the name of Husson-Buthod and in 1857 they were joined by Louis Emile Jérome Thibouville, heir to a long tradition of instrument making, started during the 18th century with the production of woodwind instruments à la Couture Boussey (Eure). The new company  was named Husson – Buthod – Thibouville.

In 1866, M. Jérôme Thibouville became the owner of the company which in 1867 became Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy (Lamy, after his wife’s’ name).

In 1896 Alfred Acoulon joined and oversaw the production of instruments and in 1908 Hugues-Emile Blondelet, a violin maker from Mirecourt joined.

Jérôme Thibouville-Lamy shut its doors in 1969.

Its production which covered the whole range of instruments of the violin family, was of good quality and dedicated to both the French market and exports.

Many instruments from this workshop are found in Great Britain and the United States of America, where they are still very popular.

Like other important Mirecourt workshops, Jérôme Thibouville Lamy developed a policy of trade marks. In general, instruments bear the Jérôme Thibouville Lamy label, with quite often the JTL stamp to the inside neck’s block. A small number of them, among the nicest, bears the H. Emile Blondelet or Louis Fricot labels.

Some labels found in JTL instruments :

Joseph Aubry, Barrel, Breton, Buthod, Geronimo Barnabetti, Geronimo Grandini, Ciceron, Le Célèbre Vosgien, Le Claude, Louis Fricot, Lupot, Mansuy, Mediofino, Michel Ange Garini, Nicolas Duchêne, Salzard, Sarasate, Stentor, Thiery,

Many violin makers were trained and worked in this workshop among them :

Joseph Aubry, Maurice Bourguignon, Georges Cherpitel, Pierre Claudot (1920-1922), Marius Didier Charles, Claude Fetique, PauL Kaul

Bow makers

J.J.Martin joined J. Thibouville in 1885 to develop the production of the bows.

Auguste Husson

The company at its peak it reached annual production rates of over 150,000 instruments produced by more than 1,000 luthiers.

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