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A rare and excellent example of a largely un-modified late-Baroque cello, characteristic of the London made instruments of the time, showing the hand of Joseph Hill.

The bass-bar (integral with the table), the neck, fingerboard and end-button are original.

The slender ebony tail-piece and the substantial boxwood pegs are English of the period.

It is fitted-up in the baroque style.

Gut strings by Toro and La Folia.

Violin maker 1715 – 1784

Joseph Hill was born in 1715, he was the first of this great family of makers, restorers and experts. Earliest known labels date from 1753 and gives his address as “High Holborn” in London, its possible that he arrived in the city from Alvechurch as early as 1746. By 1761 his workshop had relocated to Pall Mall, and in 1765 he made one final move to Haymarket, where he remained until 1780, when his oldest son Joseph II took over the shop. From about 1773 to 1776 Hill’s Haymarket firm was known as ‘Joseph Hill & Sons,’ but the name was short-lived, and soon his six sons began working independently, five as violin makers. Hill died in 1784 and was buried in Hanover Square.

Particularly known for his fine cellos, his violas and violins are also of good quality. Violins are typically based on a Jacobus Stainer model, but some copies of  Amati also exist.  Joseph Hill varied the quality of his work depending on the nature of his commissions, he made instruments for the trade in addition to his more refined work,  he saved his best varnish for signed instruments.

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