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Aquila Italian Historical Cello Strings
Aquila violin for sale at Bridgewood and Neitzert London

Aquila Italian Historical Cello Strings

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Aquila Cello Strings

Standard Set a, d plain gut, G, C silver wound on gut (option Venice gut G, C).  We stock many more gauges than can be listed, if you require a different gauge please contact us.


Suggested diameters represent a mean value as inferred from historic sources from the 17th and 18th centuries. We strongly suggest here the use of the half rectified gut strings HR: the surface of these strings is only partly rectified, imitating the manual polishing techique of the time. With this method the amount of fibers damaged by the abrasive action is noticeably reduced as compared with strings rectified with modern procedures. The advantages are: better stability against climatic changes, longer playing life and better acoustic performance. The overspun 3rd and 4th strings are made according to common17th and 18th centuries string making criteria.


Note String Type Light tension Medium tension Heavy tension
A Plain gut 120 124 128
D Venice gut 165 170 180
G Wound on gut Wound light Wound medium Wound heavy
C Wound on gut Wound light Wound medium Wound heavy



The origin of the employment of gut to make musical strings is lost in the mists of time. Along the centuries manufacturing techniques were gradually refined until they reached the perfection unanimously recognized as the trademark of Italian and French string makers in the 17th to 19th century. The scope of our work, supported by constant research and painstaking experimentation, is to offer natural gut strings produced by modern craftsmen working in the ancient Italian/French string-makers manufacturing criteria that for centuries has been passed on from one generation to the next, sure to offer you the very best of our tradition and aiming to reach the magic of sound that only gut, of all materials, can achieve.


First choice plain gut strings for general use in high and mid registers. All strings more than 0.50 mm. in diameter are exclusively high twist and undergo a specific processing aiming to ensure maximum elasticity and grant the best acoustical performance, ease of attack and long playing life, as proven by many acoustics and wear-and-tear tests.

Varnished strings ( HV type)

Polished varnished gut strings which merge the best of our knowledge of the early string-making tradition field and modern treatments aimed to improve stability to climate changes and string durability. These strings have a varnished surface. The varnish we used does not come as a casualty but as the result of a careful selection to ensure perfect compatibility with the elasticity of the gut, a perfect contact with the hairs of your bow, maximum protection to mechanical wear, to crease and stability to humidity changes.

Demi-rectified strings (HR type) The surface of the demi- rectified strings is only partly rectified, imitating the manual polishing technique of the time just to obtain a true string. With this method, the amount of fibres damaged by the abrasive action is noticeably reduced as compared with strings rectified with modern procedures. The advantages are better stability against climatic changes, longer playing life and better acoustic performance. We tested these strings for a long time: they best imitate historic hand- polishing in that they damage only a small amount of gut fibres as compared with current rectifying methods. The advantages are an improved stability by climatic changes, longer playing life (similar to those of the varnished ones) and superior acoustical performance. Owing to the special manufacturing technique employed in the production of the demi-rectified string type, the diameters in this table indicate a mean value. E.g. a 66 string indicates, in fact, a possible diameter-window between 65 and 67.


Gut is liable to suffer from cutting edges. Before stringing the instrument do make sure the nut and bridge are free from sharp edges and the nut grooves not too deep and perfectly smooth. You can get rid of sharp edges with very fine grit sandpaper (600, for example) or the finest steel wool (000). The best sound quality develops when the strings have completely set, which may ordinarily take some time. To achieve a stable intonation in just a few minutes you can repeatedly pinch each string in the middle with your fingers, pull it decidedly sideways and tune it up again. Stop when the string does not pull out of tune anymore.

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