How to look after your instrument

Why look after an instrument? Does it matter if it’s caked in rosin and dirt, the scuffs, scratches and missing pieces of wood from the edges and corners adds character?

Looking back at 2019 – workshop highlights

As the holiday break approaches, we take a look back at some of the amazing instruments and quirky repairs that have come through the workshop over the year.

That’s Amore: Owner and Founder Gary Bridgewood describes the neck conversion that was the start of an eight year relationship with an Amati composite violin

We’ve been pleased to welcome one of our old ‘favourites’ back in the workshop recently. The instrument is an Amati composite violin with original back and ribs and later front and head which is likely to be the work of John Frederick Lott II.

Focus on hire schemes

Whilst many musicians own and love their favorite instrument(s), there are times when it might make sense to hire an instrument. At Bridgewood and Neitzert we run a number of hire schemes to support students right at the start of their musical journeys through to professional players needing a high-end instrument for a tour or […]

Focus on Front of House: meet Colin Parker

In the latest article focusing on life behind the scenes at Bridgewood and Neitzert, we visit the front of house to meet Colin Parker, who looks after our customers and is responsible for the smooth running of the shop.