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Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme

Save 20% on your instrument, bow or case purchase with us

You may not have to pay VAT on your instrument purchase saving you almost 20% of the price! This could amount to hundreds of pounds! Interested? Read on…

Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme (AIPS) Conditions

Different Local Education Authorities operate the AIPS in different ways but in the majority of cases, the following conditions apply. Please check with your school, Academy or music trust before making a decision:

  • The student must be in full-time education at an LEA School, Academy or Music Trust. It cannot be purchased in the closing days of being at a school or Academy
  • The student must be receiving music tuition at the School or Music Centre.
  • The instrument must be appropriate for the student’s needs i.e. a student learning cello cannot purchase a trumpet.
  • The instrument must be portable.
  • The instrument must change hands on Educational premises.

More information on the scheme can be found on the HMRC website link: AIPS

Download our Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme form: Download PDF here

Some Local Education Authorities have their own AIPS form and will not accept the attached version. The information is however exactly the same so if you print it off, fill it in and take it with you, you will then have our details to hand and the information can easily be transferred to the ‘official’ document.

How does the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme work?

Once the parent/pupil has chosen an instrument, they should request from the bursar that the school place a formal order with us as normal. The parent then pays the ex-VAT price to the school (usually before the school places the order). Our invoice then includes VAT which the school reclaims in the normal way. Please note it is not simply a 20% discount – to calculate your price excluding VAT first divide the VAT inclusive price by 1.2 to get the VAT exclusive price e.g. a violin costing £1,500 divide 1.2 = £1,250 a saving of £250!

Instrument Warranty: Although the instrument is purchased by the School, Academy or Music Centre, Bridgewood & Neitzert Ltd retains all the purchase details for warranty purposes. As soon as payment is received all warranties pass to the parent and will be serviced in the normal way as if you had purchased directly from Bridgewood & Neitzert Ltd.

This is an excellent scheme which has saved many students hundreds of pounds so don’t be put off by the terms & conditions – it is very easy and the vast majority qualify but if there is still anything that you’re unsure about or you need further information about the Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme please don’t hesitate to call us on 020 7249 9398.